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Teachers Attend Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS17)

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January 05, 2018

In December, teachers Pierrick Chagnon and Michael Di Gregorio-Rifiorati took part in the Montreal International Game Summit, best known by its acronym: MIGS.

They were there representing the studios they founded, Greatnest Studio and Too Much Sugar, respectively.

They were also attending as team leaders from Inter-Dec College’s VFX and Video Games School, a role they’ve held since the end of the Autumn 2017 semester.

MIGS is a can’t-miss event in the video game industry, attracting people from around the world. It focuses on business development, enabling attendees to share knowledge, learn about new technologies under development and network with other industry members.

“We were able to connect with company representatives who normally require going through a lot more steps before being able to talk with them,” says Michael. “They were all at MIGS and we were just a handshake away from them.”

“I met lots of people and Montreal’s indie community is really tight-knit. Everyone works together and roots for each person to be successful. People are always encouraging each other in this community and it’s important to be part of that”, says Pierrick.

Our teachers plan to take a group of students to future summits: “In a year or two, we should have something really interesting to take there with the finalists to present a great virtual reality project”, says Michael.

By attending this event, they made connections with potential partners and, most importantly, confirmed the video game program’s recent redesign, which they led.

MIGS confirmed that we were headed in the right direction”, says Michael. “The school is really on the cutting edge of things in the industry. We’re trying to innovate and to grow the industry.”
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