Transforming the Common Areas of Portail du canal Residential Complex

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March 15, 2017

The management team of the residential complex Portail du canal, located at 5600 rue Briand, in Ville-Émard, Southwest of Montreal, resorted to our Interior Design School to remodel key spaces of their building which needed to be redesigned.

The complex of 115 units is already 5 years old! The spaces which they wish to redesign are the entrance hall, the corridors of five floors, the gathering room, shared by all owners as well as the management office.

Having explained their needs and budget to the students, these brought them concept proposals. The chosen team, would have a chance to see their project come to life. This way, our partners allow students to have a large project in their portfolio early on in their career, to benefit from a certain notoriety in the field in addition to a good experience. It was the concept of Amélie Daudelin-Pilotte and Hakima Djermouli which was selected by the management team of the Portail du canal. Their presentations fully satisfied their client’s needs, taste and budget, which earned them the title of winners, as well as a $ 500 bursary and an internship for the project.

Good job girls! We look forward to seeing your creativity at work in the coming months.

Below, the renderings presented to the management team of Portail du canal :


Entrance Hall

Management Office

Gathering Room


Interior Design