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March 24, 2017

On Wednesday, March 22nd, we welcomed a multitude of aspiring makeup artists to our Beauty Discovery Night!

For the Artistic Make-up workshop, we received our long-time collaborator, Émilie Lajoie-Bourassa, Makeup Artist from Make Up For Ever who gave us a demonstration of how to accessorize our eye shadow with a glossy finish or sequins . Our teacher, Laury-Ann Morel gave us a brief description of the syllabus in each of the available programs. The nail art, aesthetics and massotherapy workshops also gave a taste of what our classes are in each of the specializations. Teachers took the time to answer all questions about the techniques learned in the classroom and the advantages of starting an apprenticeship and career alongside professionals active in their respective fields.

Here is a video of Emilie's makeup demo:

The evening concluded with a guided tour of the Montreal campus.

At our Laval campus, the makeup demonstration was a two in one, Makeup Fashion and Beauty - How to accessorize your makeup and then Makeup Special Effects - Body painting. The many participants were able to explore their passion for makeup and consider a career in the field. The photography workshop also attracted enthusiasts of the fashion editorial style, one of the specialties of our program.

Here is what the participants were able to explore:

Body Painting

Photo Shoot

In Interior Design the School, courses in Initiation to Decoration and Kitchens and Bathrooms are available as well as the Introduction to Photography course in the School of Digital Arts.

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