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Teacher’s Short Film to Be Shown in Los Angeles

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January 30, 2018

Forty-eight hours to complete a short film? It was all that was needed for teacher Zahir Kahn to direct a project that would be chosen as the Top 16 winners of the international short film competition 48Film Project.

Project G.O.D., a film he wrote, directed and in which he played the lead role, will be screened in front of the Directors Guild of America on March 15 in Los Angeles. It has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Huffington Post and by ABC News.

His team had exactly 48 hours to complete the project. Furthermore, they had three randomly chosen required elements to integrate in their story; "Tony Campbell" as a character, "screwdriver" as a prop and "Be careful, be very careful" as the tagline.

"It was hectic. Time was running fast once we clicked "Start". We all met at the school to plan and organize the shooting. The first scene went well, but the second one was tough. It was an exterior scene on a cold day, and we shot it in the middle of some woods up north of Laval. The cold was just painful, and it was draining the batteries. We don't have a power charger in the middle of the woods!" Zahir Kahn explains.

The biggest problem we faced was the third and final scene. We booked a car wash for the shooting, but they cancelled at the last minute. We didn't know what to do but to wait for a miracle while finishing the second scene. Miraculously, we found someone who allowed us to shoot the last scene in his small industrial warehouse which turned out to be perfect. Finding a location is the biggest challenge when it comes to filmmaking."

Zahir Kahn graduated from Inter-Dec College’s 3D Animation program in 2009, and has been teaching at the school for the past 5 years."The school is great for my film projects since I can meet other filmmakers and project-minded people like me." That’s how he met alumna Cinthia Vieira Monacchio, who was assistant director on the project.

"When I found out about this huge international competition, it was an opportunity I couldn't let pass. This was our best chance to show our work in filmmaking in front of known judges. Most importantly, it was the best excuse to have a project fully completed within 48 hours. Making films can take weeks, months and even years."

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