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Study Abroad Program: The Experience of Isabel López Sánchez

Isabel López Sánchez
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August 16, 2019

With an international network of 23 campuses across the five continents, the LCI Education network, which includes the Inter-Dec College, allows students to study abroad at a campus of their choice. Isabel López Sánchez, a photography student at LCI Monterrey, in Mexico, took advantage of this opportunity and tells us today about her experience.

Name: Isabel López Sánchez
Study Program: Professional Creative Photography
Year of graduation: 2021

What made you temporarily leave your country to study in Montréal?

I decided to participate in this exchange program because I really wanted to travel and experience something different. I have always been in love with the idea of traveling around the world. It was the perfect chance to do it.

I chose to come to Montréal because I found out that it was a multicultural city, with a lot of exchange students. Also, I learned that Montréal is a very safe place to live, so even my parents wanted me to come here. Montréal has everything I was looking for.

Why did you choose Inter-Dec College?

I chose Inter-Dec College because it has an amazing and comprehensive Photography program. Also, the school is beautiful and is near downtown Montréal.

The Professional Creative Photography program is focused on commercial photography, which is amazing and really useful if you want to start a business or to promote yourself. For this reason, it was the best option for me.

What are the steps to be successful in a study abroad project and what would be your advice to a student who would like to do the same?

I don’t think there is a such thing as “steps to be successful.” As long as you keep being authentic and being yourself, you will always feel happy and satisfied in what you are doing.

I would totally recommend to any student to go ahead with a “study abroad” project! It is a unique experience: you learn a lot about yourself and other cultures while you make new friends and practice a different language. It is unforgettable.

What was it like when you arrived in Montréal and at Inter-Dec College?

It was so exciting! I remember seeing the city from the plane window: it was beautiful and I was shocked by the amount of snow. Then, my Uber driver was so nice and gave me some facts and advice about the city. He made me felt welcome.

I have a friend who had studied at Inter-Dec College and she helped me to find my way. Once I started my classes, everyone was willing to help a new student like me. I didn’t have any problems; it was amazing and easy.

What is your best memory of your journey at Inter-Dec College?

The best part of this journey has been making new friends and seeing them every day in my classes.

More specifically, my best memory is when we went to the photo studio to see my teacher, Michel Cloutier, in action. It was amazing because we had the opportunity to see what a professional shoot, with a real model, is like. It inspired me to keep working to get to that level.

What are the next steps for you and where do you see yourself in five years?

I am pretty excited about the opportunities that having a more complete CV thanks to this experience will give me.

Back in Mexico, I still have to study for another two years in order to graduate. Then, I will apply to one of the best photography studios in my city. They often look for graduates with previous experience in the field, so I would fit in perfectly.

In five years, I see myself as one of the most popular photographers in my hometown. I would also like to own a photo studio. It would be amazing and I am willing to work hard to get it.

What does this experience bring you from a student and a professional point of view?

As a student, this experience brought me the opportunity to learn about photography, of course, but also to learn about myself. I learned a lot working along with my teachers: they are professionals and they were always trying to teach me something new. Now, I use some new techniques that I am excited to keep practicing in the future.

From a professional point of view, this experience taught me to grow my network and helped me to overcome my fear of communicating with new people. I learned the importance of working in collaboration with other artists in order to get higher quality projects. In general, participating in this exchange program was the best decision I have ever made.

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