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Students Created Looks for Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle

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November 24, 2017

Every year, the LaSalle College’s Fashion Marketing students present the highly anticipated Soirée Mode Collège LaSalle (SMCL). On November 4th, they produced four exceptional fashion shows, where they made use of their full creativity.

Kim Creton, an Inter-Dec College Beauty School teacher, directed the promotional photo shoot for SMCL 2017.

Another Inter-Dec Beauty school teacher, Fanny Scott, along with her team of students, created the model’s makeup and hairstyle looks for the Basalt, Element.all, Spark and Alter Ego fashion shows.

Alter ego

We all have alternative selves. Super heroes or evil twins, they are all invited to travel with us through different styles. These styles are distinct yet intimately linked. Through fashion, we will meet them and express their personalities.


A dark matter that sticks and burns on the skin when erupted, Basalte is the magmatic rock that arises when in contact with air. The darkness represents the natural disaster of a world that we live in, while the bright, hot orange lava represents the fire and wildness of life’s creations.


Fire, water, air, and earth. Bask in the four elements that gave life to the human race. Ignite your curiosity, go with the flow, breathe in the inspiration, and get in touch with your roots.


From the darkness of space, we grab the Spark of the stars to illuminate our way. Come join us during this dark time as we embark on a journey to find the spark of light, through clothes and music that is rich in atmosphere.

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