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College Partners with Major Gaming Event Montréal Joue

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March 07, 2019

On Saturday February 23, gamers at the Montréal Joue Festival had the chance to play two games developed by our graduates.

LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College were on hand as partners for the Montréal Video Games event that kicked off the festival.

From noon to 10 p.m., the audience was invited to the Bonsecours Market in Old Montreal, to test games and discover the world of gaming.

At the LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College booth, two games were on exhibit: "Tom Flint & the Temple of Zul’kan" and "Shroud of Tenebris". These games were created by students from the most recent graduating class.

It was their final project, presented in the summer of 2018 during the Inter-Dec College’s jury event. The creators of these games were on site to talk with participants about their work.

Tom Flint & the Temple of Zul’kan

In this steampunk adventure game, the player takes on the role of Tom Flint, an inventor searching for his adventurer sister who never returned from her last expedition to the famous Temple of Zul’kan. He has to use his bow with magnetic arrows to solve a variety of puzzles using physics and demonstrating dexterity in order to navigate through the dangerous temple filled with relics from ancient civilizations.

Shroud of Tenebris

Shroud of Tenebris is a first-person action puzzle game in which you play a young student invited to a prestigious school of magic. You have the same power as the school’s founder: the ability to move into a parallel dimension. When you arrive at the school, everything is in disarray and the place appears deserted. So it’s up to you to solve the mystery of the academy.

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