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December 04, 2017

Montreal is a major hub of the video game industry. Many AAA games and indie gems, immersed in gripping missions and breathtaking 3D universes, are produced in Montreal. But this would all be for nothing without the work of programmers. A study of these video game heroes.

Designing a video game requires input from many roles, including a designer, artist, and programmer.

The designer proposes the general idea of the game. They must make the game interesting enough for players to want to continue playing, whether this is through entertaining missions or even rewards. They must make the game attractive—addictive, even! They also decide on the game mechanisms, such as the number of lives the player has.

The artist’s job is complicated, but it can be summarized as producing magnificent visuals and captivating environments. Everything on the screen—characters, accessories, decor, icons, and more—goes through the artist. 

Without a video game programmer, the screen would show beautiful characters and decor, but nothing would happen when the player pushed the various controller buttons. 

The programmer’s mission is to use the artist’s work to create all the mechanics for the game to be playable. In particular, this includes artificial intelligence and the multiplayer mode. They do all of this while also following the plans of the video game designer. Basically, they have to create magic! And you don’t need to get a letter from Hogwarts to learn the ropes—it’s taught right here in Montreal.

Since fall 2017, LaSalle College has offered the Computer Science Technology – Video Game Programming DEC program. This program teaches students fundamental concepts in computer science, with a specialization focused on the specifics of video games. More than ever before, the job market for this industry is seeking to fill the workforce in the Montreal area.

This new program supplements the video game options offered by LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College, both members of the LCI Education network sharing the same building in downtown Montreal. Inter-Dec College also has a campus in Laval and offers 3D Creation for Video Games (AEC) and Game and Level Design (AEC) programs. Recently enhanced to respond to the industry’s ever-changing needs, these programs now stand out by including concepts of virtual reality. Students keep tabs on the latest trends, and many among them are already active in the industry.

LaSalle College also offers the Video Game Modeling (AEC) program online, allowing students more flexibility with their schedule.

With all these options nearby, will you become the next video game hero?

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