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September 04, 2018

Once more, Inter-Dec College and LaSalle College partnered with Festival Mode & Design, which was held from August 20 to 25 2018.

Festival Mode & Design celebrates creativity and culture with this major open-air event in the very heart of downtown Montréal.

Festival-goers had the chance to admire the creative projects of LaSalle College and Inter-Dec College students and graduates at a booth at the heart of the Place des Festivals.

Inspired by the careers and ambitions of students, the booth was open to visitors from August 22-25.

This year at Festival Mode & Design, LaSalle College highlighted the creations of its 2018 graduates alongside those of alumni with well-known brands in the COLLAGE fashion show.

Organized by the Sensation Mode Group, the event took place on Friday August 24, on the Quartier des Spectacles main stage.

Festival-goers including saw creations by Maison Marie Saint Pierre, Dinh Ba Design, Duy pour Montagne, Lamarque, Markantoine, Rush Couture, Betina Lou and Marmier, Harricana and Canadian Hat, Jerome C. Rousseau, MIKAELD, Oscar Mendoza, Pascale Labelle Fourrure, Anomal Couture, V-Franz, Valérie Dumaine, and Xian, amongst others.

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