Graduating Students in Interior Design Compete Before a Jury

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September 18, 2018

This past August 10, students in the Interior Design program put their skills to the test for the end-of-year jury.

Taking place the final week of each term, jury day both highlights the end of an accomplishment and provides an opportunity to obtain feedback from reputable industry representatives.

These representatives assess presentations from a theoretical and technical point of view as well as the quality of the value proposition they offer their customers.

This Inter-Dec College tradition allows students to become familiar with the format of the professional presentations they will have to give in the near future for their customers.

For this session, the jury included teachers Nadia Petrova and Dimitri Christosof along with two industry designers, Maria Deschamps and Enock-Robin Turcotte.

The jury award was won by Remy Nouayem and Nicolas Sanabria Otalora’s team.

At the same time, the Vicostone competition took place. This competition is aimed at students who used this material in their design project.

The winners of the Vicostone competition’s cash prizes were:

  • 1st place: Cyrile Tonie Brandt and Daphny Xavier Ramos Da Silva
  • 2nd place: Jessica Thibault and Joëlle Gosselin
  • 3rd place: Catherine Jeanty and Anna Ravagnan
  • 4th place: Hoi Lo Wong and Claudia Marchessault
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