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March 15, 2016

Food Trip to... is a true Montreal flavored business. Celebrating international gastronomy, culture and travel as its city of birth does so well, the company offers travel kits that explore the culinary delights of a set country while adding little insights on culture and geography through a box of carefully selected items.

Max Rosselin and Kevin Marlet, co-founders of the company, approached Inter-Dec College during a visual design and creative imagination course, part of the Graphic Design program a couple of days ago. For a long time, Maxime Rosselin, himself a graphic designer, had wanted to realize a project with students from Inter-Dec College. It was therefore proposed to students in their first semester at the Laval campus to design the cover of a travel box. Each student will have the choice between Australia, South Africa or Jamaica for this project, which will be their final project in their visual design and creative imagination course.

Thus, students of Inter-Dec College are encouraged as of their first semester to carry out collaborative projects with industry. Knowing that they are able to push their imagination in all their achievements, it is not excluded that a future collaboration may emerge from this school project. To date, the company's customers have been able to have a taste of Italy, Brazil, Finland and recently, Morocco. The release of the next box, which will be dedicated to and Asiona country, is expected on April 10. Changing continent each time, and alternating between familiar countries and more exotic countries, we wonder what other countries we shall see on their list as well as whether it may be a Food Trip to ... products signed by one of our students.

To learn more about this promising SME, we invite you to read this article published by La Presse. Article in French - Food Trip to...: le goût du voyage.

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