Cynthia Dulude, a graduate of Inter-Dec College

Wins the nation-wide “From EH to LA” contest

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July 30, 2015

Cynthia Dulude, a graduate of Inter-Dec College, wins the nation-wide “From EH to LA” contest organized by NYX COSMETICS CANADA, a division of L’Oréal Canada Inc. 

To get to the top ten, Cynthia had to go through three crucial stages. First, during the qualification round, she submitted a photo of herself on Instagram with a “half-pin-up-half-old-woman” look. This artistic proposal was meant to represent her two passions: makeup and theatre. 

A panel of judges then evaluated all the entries received on the basis of four criteria: 

  • the creativity of the approach on the visual and/or video submitted 
  • the editing of the visual and/or video submitted 
  • the extent to which product use was maximized in the visual creation and/or video submitted 
  • the extent to which personal style and character were integrated into the visual and/or video submitted 

On June 22nd, Cynthia received confirmation that she was among the 20 semi-finalists. To qualify for the top 10, she had to submit a photo of herself as a model, showing her best “LA After-Party” look. For this look, the young woman proposed graffiti eyes, statement lips and a glowy complexion. 

With over 8,323 likes on Instagram and a nod from the panel of judges, Cynthia Dulude found out on July 22nd that she was a finalist in the contest. 

For the grand finale, she created a 16-second video tutorial highlighting the eyes, entitled “Sunset eye with palm trees”. She was inspired by her desire to go see real palm trees in L.A. through the contest. 

@cynthiadulude for details // @cynthiadulude pour les détails #nyxcanada #fromEHtoLA

Une vidéo publiée par NYX Cosmetics Canada (@nyxcanada) le

This contest allowed her to take home the grand prize of – a trip to Los Angeles to attend the NYX FACEAWARDS, valued at approximately $4,000. 

About Cynthia Dulude 

Born in Montreal, Cynthia Dulude is a passionate young artist working in the field of makeup. At the age of 18, with a great deal of ambition and interest, she enrolled in Inter-Dec College’s Artistic Makeup program. Today she mainly works as a freelance makeup artist in all fields, including photography, film, live entertainment, children’s makeup, etc. 

In 2011, she started a new project, her YouTube beauty channel, which quickly became a thriving international success. Maquillage Cynthia is a channel offering advice on makeup, hair, beauty, fashion, and even psychology, with new videos added every week. With more than 360,000 subscribers today, it is the most-subscribed and viewed French-language channel in Canada! It is also worth mentioning that Cynthia was chosen to make video clips for the CoinBeauté.com website and a series of professional makeup courses for the FABA TV website, the well-known online beauty instruction platform out of the U.S. 

On August 31, 2012, she launched her beauty blog entitled Maquillage Cynthia, which complements her YouTube channel.

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