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17 Artistic Makeup Students Compete Before a Jury

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August 01, 2017

The Master Class jury is organized at the end of each school year and both highlights the end of an accomplishment in Artistic Makeup and provides an opportunity to obtain feedback from reputable industry representatives.


Supervised by our instructor Jacques Besner during their respective 2016 sessions, our 17 students presented their portfolios on July 17 before a jury composed of 6 beauty industry professionals.

They presented their inspirations, as well as the techniques and processes they used to complete them.

The portfolios, which are a very important element for job searches in the make-up industry, are created at the Inter-Dec College by a professional photographer.

The jury was composed of the following 6 industry professionals:

  • Marie-Michèle Bonneau, co-founder of the TEAMM Agency and makeup artist representative
  • Stéphane Côté, trainer and MUA (makeup artist) at MAC cosmetics
  • Julie Saint-Laurent, beauty expert at Maybelline
  • Amélie Ducharme, artistic director and professional makeup artist at Covergirl
  • Eddie Malter, official makeup artist at L’Oréal Paris
  • Geneviève Dubé, founder of MUSST cosmetics



Master Class

The Artistic Makeup - Masters Class program is used to develop different concepts with the aim of becoming an artistic director, to produce a portfolio in order to be published in a fashion magazine, and to produce creative makeup art and present it to a jury.

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