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September 12, 2017

Inter-Dec College has its very own superhero, Captain Inter-Dec! Soaring to the rescue of video games students, he lets them practice animation using a more entertaining character than the one that came with the software.

3D Animation and Video Games teacher for the past 2 years at the Inter-Dec College, it was Pierrick Chagnon who came up with the idea. There’s no doubt that the character makes a great impression in the portfolio made by the students to ease their integration into the job market.

The steps in creating a 3D character

Having proven himself in the industry as a rigger, technical artist and 3D animator, from whom did Pierrick Chagnon draw his inspiration? It was, in fact, the hero in the movie Megamind!

Inspired by this “handsome and rather fresh” character, he sent his ideas to a 3D modeler (and fellow teacher), Frank Arndt. Usually, it takes at least three days to complete this type of character, from start to finish.

Once the character has been modeled, it needs a rig (or digital skeleton). Rigging is the longest step: Captain Inter-Dec spent at least 25 hours in the capable hands of Pierrick Chagnon.

The final step involves adding animations before integrating them into the game. Depending on the animator’s skill-level and the complexity of the request, this can take from a few hours to a few days.

Captain Inter-Dec to the rescue

The Captain Inter-Dec character can be used several times over the course of the Video Games students’ education.

In the first term, these students take a character design course. They learn to shape a character and to add textures and details.

It’s a long process that Captain Inter-Dec enlivens by serving as a source of inspiration.

Students can also use the character for practice in the animation course. It goes without saying that it’s more fun to animate a superhero than it is a basic character provided with the software.

And what will Pierrick Chagnon do next? Develop more characters. He’d like to create a female superhero character. We can’t wait!

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