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Loans and Bursaries

Are you eligible for Loans & Bursaries?

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Eligibility conditions:

  1. Students must be permanent residents, Canadian citizens or political refugees.
  2. Students must provide proof of Québec residency
  3. Programs must be recognized by the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES).

The following Inter-DEC College programs are recognized for loans (max: $3,800/semester or $11,400/year):

The following Inter-DEC College programs are recognized for loans and bursaries (potentially both):

The following Inter-DEC College programs are not recognized for loans and bursaries:

How do I apply for financial assistance?


  1. You must have a permanent code.
  2. The review of your application will take one month and a half.
  3. The school codes are the following:
    • ACS Inter-Dec 749760
    • DVS Inter-Dec 105501
    • ACS = Continuing education
    • DCS = Regular training program
    • DVS = Vocational training
  4. Program codes:

    Please take note that there are no periods between letters and numbers in program codes.

    For example: Instead of NTA.1J, write NTA1J


    Program codes use the letter “o,” rather than the number “zero.”

    For example: 410D0

    Once your application for financial assistance has been made, any additional documents (including declarations) will be provided to you.

    Important :To reduce waiting time, it’s very important to send the cover sheet with applications.

Written applications for financial assistance :

Students without permanent codes have to apply for financial assistance in writing. Forms are available at Inter-Dec College or on the AFE website.

The final step:

Once your application has been accepted and your studies have started, a guaranteed certificate is lodged directly on your account on the AFE website. You will have to print the certificate and give it to your financial institution. The money will be in your account five business days after you’ve submitted this certificate.


The recognized financial institutions for Loans and Bursaries are: