Web Design

AEC | NWE.31
Digital Arts | NWE.31 | Web Design


Are you fascinated by Web and mobile creation? Then, the Web Design program is right for you! Discover how you can use your imagination to create interactive websites and mobile applications. With excellent knowledge of key software valued by the industry, you will be able to create the most popular sites and applications on the Web!

Plus, with the understanding of languages and market standards including HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JQuery, as well as the knowledge of design techniques and UX/UI concepts, you will create responsive web design and thus enhance the user's experience.

Our training covers all aspects of web production such as planning, design, integration, programming and publication. Also, every medium involved like video, audio and interactive animation each have a course dedicated to the subject in order to give you all the knowledge and techniques required in the Web production process.

After you complete your training, you will be an excellent choice for companies looking to fill a Web Designer position giving you the chance to unleash your talents!

Program availability

  • Specialized training in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery
  • Creation of a portfolio to facilitate entry in the labour market
  • Presentation in front of a jury made up of teachers and industry representatives at the end of the 3rd semester
  • Teachers from industry who are highly active in their field
  • Transdisciplinary collaboration with Inter-Dec College and LaSalle College programs

HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery

  •   Courses are offered in English and French
  • Responsive web design
  • Web page creation (HTML/CSS)
  • Creative design
  • Video/audio editing
  • 2D/3D interactive animation
  • Programming (PHP/JQuery)
  • Website planning

One year (15-week semesters.) Total of 1035 hours.

Attestation of College Studies

  • You have a strong interest in emerging web technology and new media
  • You are passionate about technical and very precise work
  • You have an eye for aesthetic work and possess great communication skills
  • You pay high attention to detail and work quickly and efficiently

  • UI/UX Specialist
  • Web Designer
  • Mobile Application Designer