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Zahir Khan
Program: VFX & Game Design

Zahir Kahn graduated from the 3D Animation program at Inter-Dec College in 2009. He has been teaching Digital Painting, Character Design, 3D Modelling, and Textures at the college for the past five years.

After graduating, he worked as a digital artist on several feature films throughout the years. You can see his work on The Little Prince, Sahara, This Is the End, Riddick, Au revoir là-haut, amongst many more.

However, his dream was to make his own animated film. Little did he know, it takes a lot of work! After meeting with a few obstacles, he began to assemble a dream team of film enthusiasts. In 2017, they accomplished many projects together.

A short film he directed (in 48 hours!) was namely selected as a Top 16 Winner of the 48Film Project, a well-known international film competition.

One of the reasons he enjoys teaching at Inter-Dec College is that it allows him to meet other filmmakers and project-minded people. A lot of talent brews in this college!

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