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Spotlight on our instructor

Nathalie Villeneuve
Program: Aesthetics

Nathalie has been immersed in the fashion and beauty world and everything that has come close to it for over 27 years. In her beginnings, she was a makeup artist for all types of events such as weddings and fashion photo shoots. In time, she specialized in aesthetics and body care. The strength of Nathalie is her versatility. Indeed, during 10 years, she was a trainer for internationally renowned companies, but in parallel she was able to dedicate herself to the creation of her own beauty institute.

Since 2007, Nathalie has been a professor of Aesthetics at the Inter-Dec College and shares her love for the beauty world with her students. Her desire, which she considers her duty, is to transmit her knowledge for her students for them to make a career out of their passion.