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Jacques Besner
Program: Artistic Makeup

Jacques Besner was born into a family supported by art and fashion. His father, the famous sculptor Jean-Jacques Besner, taught him the principles of art and design. His mother, a professional seamstress and teacher at LaSalle College, helped him discover fashion at an early age.

This passion evolved into a flourishing profession in the beauty industry. Having worked for several heavyweights in the beauty industry (MAC Cosmétiques, Make Up For Ever, Estée Lauder, Benefit Cosmétiques), Jacques has been employed as an artist, official and recruiter.

His love of cosmetics lead him to the Inter-Dec College, where he has been working for more than 12 years. Here, Jacques Besner created the Master Class, a course specializing in the more extravagant makeup found in the world of fashion.

The Master Class’ success opened the door to many opportunities for him, such as writing for the magazine Magistral, art direction contracts and the chance to work with numerous photographers.

With his sights always set on a project, Jacques regularly sees his work appear in local and international publications alike. He is currently working on a series of canvases while continuing to nurture his great love of beauty.