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Spotlight on our graduate

Lisa Lefebvre
Original program: Artistic Makeup – Fashion and Beauty

I am an artist at heart. I paint and worked in art and events creating themes and experiences and that's how I came to makeup. It's a way for me to live in both worlds.

Inter-Dec was extremely positive. I had the best teachers who were encouraging and artistic. The courses were challenging, informative and interesting. Each student was able to flourish in their own way, while learning necessary techniques to survive in the makeup world. We were given plenty of resources, contacts and ideas on how to get started. I found my niche, which is fashion and artistic makeup. I am now working freelance and creating my own editorial projects.

It takes some hard work to get started and a lot of networking and volunteering but once you are swimming with the big fish....it is an exciting and rewarding career. Believe in yourself and you'll get there!