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Jorge Porta
Original program: 3D Animation for TV and Cinema, 2010

I had always been interested in all forms of art, visual representation and storytelling, I believe that technology can help us tell our stories and convey different emotions to people.

After finishing bachelors in Graphic Design I wanted to study something related to cinema and animation, I chose Inter-Dec firstly because it offered the option of pursuing a one year program, and being located in one of my favorite cities.

I think Inter-Dec is a grate first step to anyone interested in the film and videogame industry, it will help you get the core knowledge to a lifetime career. After finishing my program I stayed in Montreal for an extra year, was happy to receive calls from several studios, such as Side City Studios and Ubisoft, (they requested a 3 year contract ) .

Currently running my own studio in which we have had the opportunity to work with amazing clients around the globe in a variety of projects that involve 3D animation, 3D modeling, Motion graphics, Illustration, graphic design, web design, app design and development. My Two cents for any person interested in pursuing a career in this Industry:

Read about it, see what is out there, ask every question you have, get involved, work hard, and work smart and know what the studios & companies are asking for when hiring (not very common for an entry level artist to get the main character design).

Learning is a two way street, Inter-Dec offers a great starting point, but the potential students need to be immersed in the subject in order to make it work.

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